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Family-Owned Farmstead

Hubby & Wife, 3 boys, 2 mini cows, 2 mini donkeys, 2 pigs, + 1 dog, on a little spot of land.


We are a blended family of 5: Alex, Kimberly, Laken, Caissen and Remy. We ditched city life for a little spot of land to live our farm dream, and quickly took to the slower pace, natural lifestyle, and the peace and joy that come with it. We are passionate about connecting with our community, and giving back to that same community in order to see it flourish. We have two mini cows, Johnny and June, two mini donkeys, Willie and Nelson, two katahdin sheep lambs, Earl and Merle, two kunekune pigs, Chicken and Dumplin’, one rescue dog, Copper, and 13 chickens (chicken math - that number is always changing). We live and work on this farmstead, so we are mainly open only on weekends for private events. We do open to the public for “farm play” sessions. We are excited to connect with you, and share our happy place with you. We know that you’ll find peace and joy here as well.


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